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Welcome to the home page of the CERN fit-boxing club. The CERN Fit-Boxing Club is part of the CERN Fitness Club. As such we share the same Statuts du Club Fitness du CERN.

Anyone can join this club: there's no violence, blood, and no, it's not a fight club (don't you know the rules of the fight club?). Anyone means small or tall, man or lady, weak or strong... It's just fun, isn't it? (besides it's also a very good physical exercise if you are doing some sedentary job at CERN, like most of us :-D)

This website contains all you need to know about being a member of the CERN Fit-Boxing Club.

How can I join?

Firts of all, we have a mailing list: CERN e-Group. You should subscribe if you are interested.

You should bring with you a signed copy of this disclaimer

The training is performed at the "PUMP HALL" (Building 216 in Meyrin site). So, you can just go there in one of the following days and times:

The timetable, is as follows:

Monday18:30 - 20:30Experts training
Wednesday18:00 - 20:00Standard, intermediate training
Friday17:30 - 19:30Beginners training

we do 90 minutes of training, then there are 30 minutes left for those who want to do some more excercises or take a shower

Some notes on the different training days:

Friday is dedicated to beginners. Special exercises for beginners will be organized with emphasis on the basic techniques. This is definitely recommended for those who never wore gloves before.

Monday will be dedicated to "advanced training". The level and intensities of the exercises could be harder. The participants to these trainings are expected to have already a good knowledge of the boxing basics. Certain exercises might require the mouth-guard and the head-guard, and people should bring their own. At the same time more freedom to the individual training will be granted.

Wednesday will be dedicated to "regular training", without a specific target of participants

Every member of the club is invited to participate to every training session, but beginners session will take place ONLY on Friday and advanced session will take place ONLY on Monday. Experienced members are invited to participate to all the trainings, and to help the beginners, especially on Friday.

The members of the club are invited, if they want, to choose which session is more appropriate for them. On the other hand trainers will try to make sure that members participate to the appropriate trainings.

Showers are available inside the PUMP Hall itself. There are also showers at the Computer Center (-1 floor) and at Building 16.


Being an official club we require you to pay a symbolic fee of 25CHF per year (that is going entirely to the Fitness club for paying the equipment etc.) that you can bring at the training session. If you want to try, just come: the first time, we'll let you try for free.

Why so cheap?

We don't pay for a formal boxing teacher: some of us have enough experience to lead the trainings, which originally started as just a way to keep us in an almost acceptable shape.


The training place basically provides all the requirement for good exercises. We have boxing bags, mats, and some ropes.

However you will still need to buy a pair of boxing gloves of the correct size. For newcomers that want to try, we have some old boxing gloves.

Contact information

Mailing list

For specifics enquiries, please contact Dr. Jacopo Nardulli


2012/12/28 *2013* New season starts January the 7th. The timetable didn't change, so we will start Monday at 18:30

2012/10/05 *Social event 6* we'll go out, let's decide when

2012/10/05 *2012* This year's trainings are ongoing!

2010/06/13 *2011* New season starts January the 10th. Beware, timetable changed: Monday and Wednesday we'll start at 18:30

2010/06/13 *Social event 5* Saturday, October 30th: Halloween party

2010/06/13 *Social event 4* Tuesday, September 28th: pizza in Geneva.

2010/06/13 *Social event 3* Saturday, June 26th: back to the '80s party

2010/06/13 *Social event 2* Wednesday, June 16th: pizza and beers after training

2010/06/13 *Social event 1* Monday, June 14th: Italy-Paraguay match after training (probably at Pickwick)

2010/06/12 The next week, on Monday and Wednesday we'll start at 18:00

2010/06/12 Few pictures have been added

2010/05/17 This week we'll have the usual training. Next week, instead, just on Wednesday

2010/05/15 We have a new web-site!

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